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Areas of Interventions

With its reach in Rwanda, FXB Rwanda kicked off with interventions that were aiming at levelling up the vulnerable population targeted. The areas like economic empowerment, HIV/AIDS prevention, health, nutrition, hygiene as well as education were among the primary areas tackled at very beginning. This is due to the fact that it started implementing FXB Village model which tackles all of these components. Later, the organisation escalated its effort in early childhood development and violence prevention to avail the integrated support to the family beneficiaries. FXB Rwanda currently intervenes in six core areas and are through which the implemention of programs base.


The HIV prevention is at the center of different organisation programs. The aspects of HIV prevention among the adolescent girls and young women, Orphans and Vulnerable children, vulnerable caregivers, key population among others get supported by our programs.

Economic Empowerment

FXB Rwanda engages in working with beneficiary families to level up their economic resilience. The both sides participation is upheld for economic empowerment through finding and supporting locally adaptive development options that can be adopted by each family.


In the education intervention area, the support is provided to beneficiary school age children aiming at excelling their school attendance and performance assured through their regular attendance monitoring, provision of the aid in school fees payment and the needed school materials.

Early Childhood Development

FXB Rwanda engages in interventions aiming at improving early childhood development in Rwanda. The joint support with other partners and government in capacitating the caregivers on how to parent well their children availing the ECD integrated services as commended.

Health, Nutrition and WASH

The targeted beneficiaries receive bunch of service support in health ; nutrition ; and water, sanitation and hygiene domains. The provided support revolves around continuous access to health services, provision of nutrition support including nutritional skills as well as support in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Violence Prevention

Our programming insists also on violence prevention by specifically tackling the violence against children (VAC) prevention as well as gender based violence prevention (GBV). The community and home targeting approaches are used for availing the messages to direct and indirect beneficiaries.

Climate Change and Environment Conservation

One of the key trending global challenge is the climate change. We recognize the impacts of climate change to the world population especially the vulnerable communities as well as to the children and we intervene in supporting the impacts mitigation as well as maintaining the environment protection for reduced rate of climate change.

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