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Goal : Guarantee the education access to beneficiary school age children and youth.

Activities : FXB Rwanda believes that a good education equips children and youth with the knowledge and skills they need to face daily life challenges and secure their future. The children who receive such continuous education in its varied forms will be better equipped to face the challenges of adulthood and to better understand their rights and capabilities. It is also a key driver for reducing poverty, fostering economic growth, and achieving gender equality, and social development.

FXB Rwanda ensures education support to the beneficiary children and youth through availing the tangible support by providing the school fees to them. The children supported get the school fees that enable them to follow their education well. Besides the school fees support provision, the children also get supported with scholastic and hygienic materials. The attendees of technical and vocational education trainings are supported with school fees needed and accompaniment toolkits and business trainings right on their graduation.

FXB Rwanda does additionally provide the supervision and monitoring to the supported children. The activity is done partnering with school leaders and other education actors in the areas of implementation.


FXB Rwanda has supported more than 402,018 vulnerable children, adolescents and youth to access education in primary, secondary, Technical & Vocational Education Training (TVET). These beneficiaries were provided with school fees, uniforms, scholastic and hygienic materials while the ones in TVET received additional accompaniment kits for employment.

The students are regularly accompanied and encouraged to ensure a regular school attendance and a good performance. The supervision is conducted in collaboration with education stakeholders.

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