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Since 1995 when FXB Rwanda was established, 45 programs and projects have been implemented in 11 districts across different provinces throughout the country including the City of Kigali. Most of the programs have phased out and have left impact in the communities, where they were being implemented. For the moment, FXB Rwanda is implementing 6 programs (USAID TURENGERE ABANA, SUGIRA MURYANGO and FXBVillages, AMIE,WASH, FOSTERING, NUTRITION and NSP-HIV/TB Global Funds) in nine districts namely Nyarugenge, Muhanga, Nyanza, Huye,Musanze, Burera, Ngoma, Rubavu and Kayonza.

IGIRE-Turengere Abana

In this program, HIV interventions are provided aiming at reducing vulnerability and HIV incidence among Orphans and Vulnerable Children and their households and adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in high HIV burden districts in Rwanda.

Sugira Muryango

Early Childhood Development interventions reach the children in early development ages and their caregivers engaging both male and female caregivers with the intention of improving these children’s early chidhood development.


The three year model targeting community confirmed vulnerable families aiming at levelling up their resilience through empowering them economically ; offering nutritional, social, and WASH support as well as supporting their children in education.


At risk Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) are supported with HIV prevention interventions including gathering them in safe spaces for HIV prevention education and empowering them economically among others.

WASH & Nutrition

The families with nutrition vulnerability are supported with skills and financial support and/or food for malnutrition elimination. The same families and community members around are targeted for improved WASH practices.

NSP-HIV/TB Global Funds

The stigma free environment creation through messaging and advocacy for key population (FSWs, MSM, Transgender & PWUD) living issues to access improved health are provided to them in the course of HIV prevention.

Phyto Social Enterprise (POSE)

Aiming at contributing to increased production of herbal medicinal products in Rwanda, POSE project is implemented in close collaboration with National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) to valorize the Rwandan medicinal plants into affordable medicinal products.


The project reaches out to the cooperatives of farmers with holistic support that aims to strengthen their capacities for inclusive climate-resilient agriculture and enhanced food production. The action has the overall objective of promoting sustainable food production for local markets in Rwanda by promoting, skilling, educating and supporting local farmers to develop their business with the final aim of increasing food production, and reduce post-harvesting losses.

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